Convert target accounts
into customers

Our Sales Engagement Platform helps execute account-based
sales outreach strategies at scale, and effortlessly manage opportunities.

Account-based Sales
Personalized Sales Outreach

Personalize sales outreach with
multi-channel communication

Multi-channel sales outreach capability to engage with buyers with the right message at the right time - be it email, phone, social media, web chat video etc.

Combination of insights including company news, local time and historical interactions with prospect/account ensures personalization at scale.

Focused acquisition, retention and expansion of key accounts

Build account specific sales workflows and measure account engagement insights.

Automate personalized communications so you’re top-of-mind when
customers are growing and ready to expand.

Automate renewal workflows to embed personalized messages
and videos to kickoff and strengthen the renewal experience.

Account Retention and Expansion
Measure Sales Performance

Measure sales performance at account level and optimize sales campaigns

Track account level performance and coach your team to drive top-line

Get an overview of email performance, prospect insights and improve
messaging and execution from getting detailed activity based insights.

Account-based sales workflows help reps execute their best playbooks by creating a measurable series of touch points that drive deeper engagement with key accounts and customers.


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