Onboard customers and drive
seamless product adoption

Upscale's Sales Engagement Platform helps increase conversions
from trial to paid customers, upsell to existing customers and
reduce churn rate.

Customer Onboarding Engagement
Sales Onboarding Trial

Increase paid conversion with multi-channel touch points

Seamless onboarding via automated sales workflows consisting of training, tips and tricks, and guides timed to the onboarding journey, based on different products or account tier.

Automated personalized communication lets you build awareness for new products and services, at scale.

Focused acquisition, retention and expansion of key accounts

Build account specific sales workflows and measure account
engagement insights.

Automate personalized communications so you’re top-of-mind when
customers are growing and ready to expand.

Automate renewal workflows to embed personalized messages
and videos to kickoff and strengthen the renewal experience.

Focused Acquisition
Reduce Customer Churn

Reduce customer churn through sales automation

Automate customer reach out, suggesting a consultation, advice, and help before the churn.

Improve product adoption by creating educational email campaigns for your customers - share best practices, knowledgeable tips and personal advice via email.


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