5 Key Features your Sales Automation Software Must Have
October 6th 2021
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Consider Amazon - in 2019, they were exploring how to introduce chatbots in its user interface. Just two years down the line, it has moved on to solve more complex problems like coming up with an algorithm that could predict what customers would want to buy. Artificial intelligence or AI and automation has transformed the way all businesses across the globe are functioning. The same goes for the way sales are being made these days. AI-powered Sales automation has made sales conversion more directed and transparent.

What and Why of Sales Automation Software?

A sales automation software helps in automating mundane and repetitive tasks. It streamlines and automates activities of the sales process that are performed day in and day out. AI-powered Sales automation aims at shifting the burden of repetitive but crucial tasks from salespersons to Automated software. How does this work? Or what sort of tasks can be automated in your sales cycle?

It includes activities like:

  • Assigning day-to-day work to individual sales reps
  • Scheduling when and how you will share important information to interested and prospective leads
  • Allowing managers to check the performances of each sales rep efficiently and accurately
  • Generating automatic daily, weekly, or monthly reports

While these tasks might seem trivial, they are essential in the sales process and directly related to sales and revenue generation.

Now, why exactly is sales automation and using software so essential?

Imagine you are the inside sales director and you have about 15 sales reps working under you. You have a lot on your plate. Your typical day begins with assigning work to each of the sales reps. It includes assigning prospects to them and checking up on each rep. Add to this, making important decisions and chasing your regional sales targets. Too much to do, right? Enter a sales automation software, and you can rely on the software to complete your daily mundane tasks.

Based on the above example, the advantages of sales automation software can be listed as follows:

  • Increase Overall Sales Productivity
  • Your sales automation software saves your time by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It allows you to prioritize, and focus on critical tasks, therefore, increases sales productivity.

  • Focus on Critical Tasks
  • The time saved through the automation of tasks can be devoted to identifying and performing more critical tasks. These tasks may include spending time in making essential sales decisions after appropriate research and forecasting. It can also include strategizing for increasing revenue generation.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Using the benefits of AI-powered Sales Automation, you can increase customer experience. How? By redirecting sales reps to personalize communication, you make customers feel valued and heard. Not only this, a robust sales automation software can help sales rep in giving quicker responses to customer queries. A quick response rate is always appreciated.

  • Generate Reports Automatically
  • Automation allows you to generate reports automatically. It summarizes different activities through a dashboard by giving an overview of tasks performed during the day, week, or month. It can help both sales reps and managers to improve individual performances and overall sales productivity. Automated reports can also provide regular insights into what’s working and what’s not working with customers. They can take data-backed decisions to improve results.

  • Manage data to generate actionable insights
  • Sales automation software provides auto-generated insights into performance of specific tasks for specific individuals. For example, it can show how a particular email template is performing, how many people replied to your communications, or how many opted out of the process. These insights can help determine what’s going wrong and take corrective actions immediately. These actionable insights combined with data can be used to better lead scoring, prospecting, and overall sales strategy.

5 Must-have Features in your Sales Automation software

When deciding on the sales automation software that you want to establish in your organization, it is essential to look at the features that it has to offer. Whichever software you are using, there are some key features that it should have to provide you with the optimal results. Here are some key features that your software must have:

  1. Multichannel outreach
  2. Social media is where the world is today! A sales automation software should allow sales reps to reach out to prospects through multiple channels. A multichannel outreach strategy increases the possibility of getting a reply unlike a single outreach strategy which is limited.

  3. Automation and Integrations
  4. The main feature of any automation software is to facilitate automation. Your sales automation software should allow you to automate and schedule tasks. For example, introductory and follow up emails, call reminders, etc.

    Integrations are necessary to ensure your automation software compliments the existing sales stack of customers. Your sales automation software doesn’t need to replace your customer’s sales stack or work independently. It can blend with their existing sales stack to add value and ease of use.

  5. Create Workflows
  6. Workflows are a sequence of tasks and activities that form the sales process. Your sales automation platform must allow managers to assign workflows to individual sales reps. It is a critical determinant for measuring and performing sales activities. Along with creating workflows, it must allow you to track progress and suggest actions based on industry best practices.

  7. Accessibility
  8. Sales activities require salespeople to move places to sell and meet targets. Your sales automation software should simplify routine tasks for sales reps. It should have ease of use and convenience of remote accessibility.

    If the sales reps are working remotely, especially post-pandemic, it becomes even more essential to ensure connectivity. Ensuring your tool is compatible across different platforms and devices can be a deal breaking decision.

  9. Analytics
  10. One of the most significant advantages of automation is that almost all tasks can be tracked to generate analytical reports and insights. Your sales automation platform must generate automatic analytics about the various processes involved in your sales cycle.

    It is essential to understand that your automation software is not just to hold data and carry out routine tasks. It goes the extra mile for you and generates smart data and analytics that justify various decisions. It helps in accurately forecasting sales pipelines. It must allow you to track the progress of each of your sales activities and increase overall productivity.

An AI-powered Sales Automation software can have various other features, giving you a foundation while accessing different platforms. Make sure you check with your vendor twice and learn how each feature works before installing software in your organization.

Shreya Palsani
Contributing Writer
Shreya Palsani
Contributing Writer
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