Upscale Integrates with Zapier to Simplify Multi-channel Automations
September 20th 2021
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In the hyper-connected digitalized environment, communicating remotely is essential. Buyers are evolving their decision-making process by identifying prospective companies through online research. While interactions between prospects and sales reps have transformed, sales tech continues to evolve itself. Technological advancements have led to interactions between products or platforms through integrations. The drastic shift in tech stack communication has led to Upscale integrating with Zapier to help you seamlessly automate workflows.

Zapier connects different APIs to sync data between web apps automatically. While Zapier helps products to connect, Upscale enables sales reps to connect to prospects. It allows sales reps to focus on essential tasks and automate the mundane ones. Triggers and automation have enabled sales reps to communicate across multiple channels through a single platform. Upscale enables you to innovate and evolve with the bi-directional sync through Zapier integration.

Through Zapier integration, we have helped you to do the following:

  • Add new prospects from Lusha, your CRM, and other sources
  • Update new prospects from CRM, and other sources
  • Update existing prospects on your CRM, Lusha, or any data partner
  • Get lead scores from your CRM and other tools
  • Sync existing prospect data within your CRM through Lusha and others
  • Bi-directional sync across web apps like CRM, data platforms, and more
  • Get prospects’ company data from Lusha, CRM, and other tools
  • Get prospects from your website as inbound leads

With a fully compatible Zapier integration, Upscale ensures all activities regarding prospects are automatically updated across both platforms. If you take action on Upscale, Zapier applies automatically. All changes made on Zapier are updated on Upscale as well. It ensures your data is always up-to-date.

Integrating Zapier with Upscale

Navigate to Settings → Plugins → Tools → Zapier in the left main menu and click Redirect. This will direct you to the Zapier log-in, where you can fill in your credentials.

Zapier Integration

Following these simple steps will get your Zapier account connected to Upscale. Get started with all the features and engaging prospects to finally close more deals!

With Zapier integration on Upscale, you can achieve the following:

  • Increase team productivity
  • Simplify tracking and engaging prospects
  • Toggle between both Upscale and Zapier
  • Identify opportunities and ensure a consistent experience
  • Build long term relationships
  • Nurture prospects and evolve your network
  • Declutter and optimize duplication of data

As prospects evolve, so must sales reps. Build credibility, research prospects, scale conversations, identify opportunities, improve the sales process, adopt multi-channel outreach, and more with Upscale. Get started with Upscale to book more meetings and build intelligent sales workflows.

Richa Sharma
Content Marketer
Richa Sharma
Content Marketer
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