Engage More Prospects With

Personalized Cold Calling

Drive relationships with high-intent prospects. Get in-depth insights into the revenue team productivity to track and improve the sales process.

Companies That Prioritize Growth Trust Upscale

Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale

Personalize & Nurture Prospects with Cold Calling Software

A cold calling software enables you to dial through large lists of prospects efficiently.

Increase Response Rate With

Hyper-personalized Outreach

Use dialer and call recording to measure and derive actionable insights from cold calling.

  • Acquire real-time calling insights
  • Include calls in your sequences
  • Record calls for efficient training and onboarding prospects
  • Make inbound & outbound calls from Upscale

Customer Caller ID

To Mask Local Dial

Mask your purchased phone numbers with a custom caller IDs to increase the chance of your calls getting answered.

  • Mask calls with a local or your personal number
  • Twilio integration with Upscale simplifies cold calls
  • Dial domestic and global prospects
  • Increase the response or pick-up rates with custom caller ID

Make Cold Calls Globally

With A Single Purchase

Increase your marketplace by calling prospects from anywhere in the world and route calls to any available device.

  • Acquire local or global numbers in a few seconds
  • Assign numbers on a need-to-have basis
  • Easy to manage all phone numbers
  • Route your calls by directly dialing extensions

Actionable Insights For

Better Cold Calling

Monitor & apply the best cold calling strategy to eliminate the guesswork from revenue-impacting decisions.

  • Monitor team productivity for cold calling
  • Insights on how talk time translates into meetings
  • Acquire real-time insights for data-driven decision-making
  • Add winning scripts as templates for the team to use