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Book More Meetings, Faster

Increase your chances of getting a response without tool-switching. Engage prospects across email, call, LinkedIn, and more from the all-inclusive sales engagement platform.

Hyper-personalized multi-channel outreach

Automate repetitive tasks

Accelerate prospect-to-deal process

Replace guesswork with actionable insights

Book More Qualified Meetings with Easy Automation

Automate beyond just emails to engage prospects based on their responses. Segment prospects to perform relevant actions at scale. Never miss on hot prospects with trigger-based automations. Ensure unique hyper-personalization to attract more responses from prospects.

Engage More Prospects with Multi-channel Outreach

Create workflows with multiple steps, including manual and auto emails, calls, LinkedIn, and more. Automate repetitive tasks to optimize time and effort. Personalize interactions with prospects to increase the rate of responses and ultimately engage more prospects.

Take Quick Actions with Built-in Prospecting

Simplify prospecting with in-built, semi-automated LinkedIn chrome extensions. Bring consistency & record interactions to understand the impact, replicate & scale best-performing strategies. Identify problem areas and gaps to fix them for continuous outcomes.

Actionable Insights to Optimize Sales Lifecycle

Identify workflows that drive better results, A/B test & monitor overall team performance. Create, assign, track & measure the revenue performance through a streamlined sales process. Optimize sales lifecycle to book qualified meetings & close deals, faster.

Accelerate Revenue Generation with Upscale

(Essential Plan)

  • $50/user/month (annually)
  • Faster & Intuitive Interface
  • Dialer + Call Recording and Storage
  • Bi-directional CRM Sync
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Unlimited Monthly Contacts
  • Multiple Mailboxes
  • Sentimental Analysis (coming soon)

(Individual Plan)

  • $70/user/month (annually)
  • Time-consuming Interface
  • Basic Calling
  • Manual CRM updating
  • Basic Personalization
  • Limited Monthly Contacts
  • Single Mailbox
  • Unavailable

Using Upscale has made sales teams more productive and saved nearly 48 hours every month. (Perx Technologies).

Why Upscale?

Easy-to-use Interface

Simple onboarding & detailed training to make the most out of all the features.

Customer-first Support

24x7 support via email, call, WhatsApp, and Slack at no extra cost.

Transparent Pricing

Access all features with an all-inclusive subscription cost.

Community Driven

Join the Upscale Academy for an exclusive SDR knowledge centre.

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