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Tenzai improved team productivity by 200% with Upscale
Perx Technologies Saves Upto 48 Hours a Month with Upscale
LOGIQ.AI’s sales team is 2X more productive using Upscale

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Senthil Nathan Rajendran

Co-founder & Chief Execution Officer -- Tenzai

"The team can create workflows, make phone calls, send emails, automate LinkedIn tasks, and take notes on the go!The comprehensive features from Upscale have helped us structure our sales outreach and improve team productivity by 200% with a multi-touch approach. The proactive and approachable customer support is a huge bonus!"

Derek Loh

Revenue Operations Manager -- Perx

" We have saved up to 48 hours a month through triggers and automation that keep prospects engaged and nurtured throughout their sales journey. We highly recommend Upscale if you are looking for a sales engagement/outreach/cadence platform or for nurturing your prospects until they are ready for a conversation/meeting."

Jay Swamidass

VP of Sales (APAC) -- LOGIQ.AI

"Upscale has helped our sales team track their activities and tasks. We’ve used Upscale as a sales acceleration medium with consistent and structured workflows. We have definitely seen the result of using Upscale for our organization and I would highly recommend Upscale if you want to do sales better!!!"

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