LOGIQ.AI’s sales team is 2X more productive using Upscale
LOGIQ.AI’s sales team is 2X more productive using Upscale


LOGIQ.AI is on a mission to provide XOps teams with control of their observability data pipeline. Providing a single view of the observability data pipeline flows, users can use any target system at any time from anywhere. They are the only platform providing an elegant solution to multiply enterprise data challenges, including Data Sprawl, Data Growth, Data Complexity, and Data Storage Operations.

The Challenges

Bringing Structure into Prospecting

LOGIQ.AI required a tool to organize their sales outreach and manage leads across different stages. "We wanted to bring consistency within the sales process," says Jay Swamidass, the VP of Sales (APAC) at LOGIQ.AI. They came across Upscale for their primary challenges, including

  • Structure the prospecting workflow
  • Bring consistency in communication
  • Managing leads at every stage
  • Sales acceleration to increase team productivity
  • Measure performance through periodic reports

"We found a one-app solution for all our sales outreach requirements. From prospecting to sales acceleration, and conversion, Upscale has helped us stay organized and always updated!" says Jay. The sales team, including sales reps and inside sales managers, currently uses Upscale for their daily tasks and activities.

The Solution

The sales reps at LOGIQ.AI are 2X more productive by automating repetitive tasks that didn't require manual intervention.

The multi-channel outreach has enabled team LOGIQ.AI to have a holistic sales strategy. "Upscale merged the elements of managing leads across all stages and sales acceleration into one platform. Automation, schedules, and other elements have helped the team excel the sales outcomes," says Jay.

From Data to Task Management

LOGIQ.AI used Upscale to manage all leads through every sales cycle stage. Simple integration with their CRM enabled a bi-directional sync for all their prospect data. "With data syncing, it's simpler and more organized to manage all leads," says Jay.

Gradually the team preferred Upscale for their complete sales outreach. The team performs everything from assigning new prospects to managing tasks and activities on Upscale. Creating workflows has helped keep the communication consistent. "We've streamlined our sales process using triggers for automated tasks, schedules to manage the different timezones, and workflows to maintain consistency," Jay shares.

Enabling Multi-channel Outreach

"The multi-channel outreach option has enabled more channels of communication and more accurate touchpoints," Jay concludes. Upscale has empowered sales acceleration through an organized and consistent approach. Identifying the prospects' preferences has improved how sales reps connect with prospects.

"There is no guesswork anymore; our strategy is now data-driven," says Jay. Organized workflows, multi-channel outreach and consistent communication, has improved the entire sales team's productivity. The process of relationship-building is more genuine and natural with a structured approach.

Increased Productivity

"Automating tasks within a workflow has increased the productivity of sales reps by 2X compared to not using Upscale," Jay shares. With the elimination of guesswork, the sales outcomes for LOGIQ.AI have been data-driven. They have adopted a mix of manual and automated tasks to keep the conversation flowing.

Jay says, "There is more accountability within the team." The team can keep track of their completed and upcoming tasks. There is transparency as the higher management can quickly analyze performance from the dashboard. Regular reports and the dashboard highlights the areas for improvement and measures the implementation of the sales strategy.

When asked why Upscale? Jay said, "For all the reasons above and the other distinct point was the people behind Upscale – the team is always ready to help!"

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