Perx Technologies Saves Upto 48 Hours a Month with Upscale
Perx Technologies Saves Upto 48 Hours a Month with Upscale

About Perx

Perx is a Lifestyle Marketing Platform that enables brands to drive and monetize daily customer actions. Perx assists brands in influencing customer user behavior and driving last-mile customer actions that contribute to revenue growth. Their MarTech solution complements regular customer engagement solutions by focusing on the last mile of customer delivery and actions.

The Challenges

The Search for a One-stop Solution to Organize their Sales Outreach Process

Sales outreach is no more restricted to random emails and calls. With the changing trends, it's essential to review and revise the sales process. Team Perx required a platform to implement a structured and standardized sales outreach process. "Our SDRs spent a lot of time following up with prospects that were not necessarily our ideal customers," informs Derek, the revenue operations manager at Perx Technologies.

Perx Technologies followed an unorganized process for its sales outreach. Sales teams were

  • Inconsistent in messaging and spent time unnecessarily on drafting emails
  • Chasing follow up emails — second, third, or late follow up emails, or worst, missed/forgotten follow-ups
  • Unable to measure the inputs vs outputs and the effectiveness/messaging quality, timeliness of follow up, response rates, meetings booked, and sales team productivity
  • Looking for an immediate solution to cover all the above points and get started with the sales processes

Inconsistency & Lack of Tracking Performance

The team underutilized their capabilities because of inconsistent messaging and excess time spent drafting the same messages. Losing opportunities because of forgetting or missed follow-ups had been a known challenge to the team. Inbound leads were turning cold due to a lack of nurturing.

The inability to measure inputs and outputs led to repetitive tasks. There was a lack of tracking response rates, meetings books, and the sales team's productivity. "We were looking for a solution to bring transparency in the team and get started with the sales processes," says Derek.

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Implementing Automation and Multi-channel Touchpoints

Perx was looking for a platform that enabled the sales team to increase the number of prospective accounts reached at one time. They were looking for a platform that followed modern sales techniques instead of the traditional individual target messaging. They chose Upscale for the following capabilities:

  • Segmentation and verticalization of accounts and prospects to identify suitable prospects at scale
  • Sales cadence capabilities with accurate metrics to measure performance
  • Multi-channel touchpoints & engagement
  • Reporting and productivity tracking
  • Sequence and mature leads through automated emails
  • Time savings from automation of activities; translate to higher productivity
  • Accurately track email open and click rates and response rates

Perx Technologies followed a phased approach towards implementing Upscale within the sales and revenue enablement teams. Here's how it went:

Structured Phased Approach for Better Results

To understand the complete capability of Upscale, Perx Technologies followed a 5-stage approach. Upscale's usage spread across the marketing team to structuring the sequences' messaging and content to automate routine tasks and implementing sales workflows for inbound, outbound, and product-led growth campaigns. Here's how the stages were as follows:

  • Email nurturing of website visitors who download website resources
  • Email follow up for demo request abandonment
  • Outbound sales prospecting for each hunter
  • Next Steps: Email sequencing to reactivate dormant or cold leads
  • Future PLG Roadmap: Email sequencing of PLG-leads and nurturing conversion of freemium customers into subscribers

Automating sequences has enabled the team to consistently grow the number of prospects they reach. "We've saved 4 to 8 hours in a month for each user. Personally, Upscale saved me from remembering and checking which prospects need follow-up responses. We now automate instead of typing out new emails each time," says Derek.

Simplified Reports & Performance Tracking

Perx Technologies has transitioned its sales outreach towards personalization and customization. Derek shares, "It's effortless to track the number of email responses and the meetings booked from the dashboard. Our targeting approach has also become more focused, thanks to Upscale. Our emails are highly customized to the buyer personas and their KPIs."

Upscale provides accurate metrics and reports on team productivity, tasks, and more, which helped the team fill in the gaps and improve consistently. Additionally, Upscale enables us to A/B test and experiment with workflows & messaging quality. Derek says, "There is always room for improvement, but Upscale allows us to identify where the real gaps are, taking away the guesswork."