Tenzai improved team productivity by 200% with Upscale
Tenzai improved team productivity by 200% with Upscale

About Tenzai, a purpose-driven AI company, empowers organizations to bring out the true potential of AI. They’ve been recognized among the top 10 Big Data Analytics companies to watch out for globally. Team Tenzai has helped Fortune 1000 companies solve complex business challenges through AI and Data Science.

The Challenges

The Switch from Manual Sales Outreach to Automation

While looking for a solution to execute their sales strategy, Tenzai came across Upscale. “Our BDRs found it difficult to use Google Sheets and too many applications for sales outreach. Upscale merged multiple functionalities in one platform,” said Senthil, the Co-Founder & CEO of The primary requirements included

  • managing data for accounts and prospects,
  • structuring the sales outreach, and
  • measuring the team’s productivity.

“We’ve moved from manual data management on Google Sheets to a more structured, one place access for maintaining accounts and prospects data,” says Senthil. Upscale provided multi-channel sales outreach using emails, calls, and LinkedIn automation that led to the increase in BDR productivity. The team is now able to structure routine tasks and focus on being more productive through a multi-touchpoint approach.

Using Upscale, Tenzai saw a 200% increase in their BDR productivity as they found a simplified solution for sales outreach, streamlining prospects, and measuring team performance

The Solution

  • Simplified data management
  • Automated routine tasks
  • Consistent increase in productivity
  • Reached 400% more prospects

60% Increase in Responses with Multi-touchpoints, Automation & Much More

While evaluating different sales engagement platforms, Upscale stood out for its simplicity, ease of use, and value. Upscale’s easy integration with the CRM made managing accounts and prospects' data easier. It ensured the data was accessible and always synced.

Tenzai Testinomial

Automating routine tasks optimized the time spent on drafting emails, calls and reaching out to accounts and prospects. The time saved with automation improved the team’s productivity by 200%. The increased interactions through multi-channel touchpoints also lead to an increase in response rates from prospects. “Upscale is transparent and has been easy to use by the team,” Senthil observes.

Increased Team Productivity, Transparency & Support

Upscale provides a one-app solution with intuitive selling for the business development and demand generation teams. Through personalized outbound sales outreach, the quality of interactions improved, along with 400% more prospects reached. The multi-channel approach resulted in 60% more responses.

The regular reports help in measuring and tracking the demand generation process. It’s easier to identify the gaps and take quick actions. There is transparency within the team, and the sales process is streamlined. The team productivity is consistently increasing with the help of Upscale.

Senthil shares, “Upscale’s customer support is always available, and I appreciate how easy it is to report concerns and get them solved.”