We're in your corner.
Our team at Upscale offers an effective combination of customer service expertise and
deep sales engagement knowledge to help you achieve your sales targets. Working as an extension of
your team, we will partner with you to get you up and running, and then support you as you continue to optimize and grow.

We’re obsessed with your success.

Onboarding and adoption services

Onboarding and adoption services Group1

Dedicated Onboarding Manager who will lead and manage your sales engagement implementation.

Onboarding and adoption services Group2

An immersive on-site workshop, ensuring sales teams have the necessary skills to create and launch sales outreach campaigns.

Onboarding and adoption services Group3

See value faster by tapping into our unique 10-day Accelerated Onboarding plan.

Ongoing customer success

Ongoing customer success

Ongoing customer success Group1

A Dedicated Customer Success Manager for your sales program progression, sales activity analysis, and more.

Ongoing customer success Group2

Quarterly business reviews and regular consultations to evaluate sales performance and identify additional revenue opportunities.

Ongoing customer success Group3

Strategic training sessions held both on-site and remotely for further development of sales knowledge and skills.

Professional services

Professional services Group1

Strategic consulting and opportunity discovery through a detailed business analysis that we turn into actionable sales playbooks.

Professional services Group2

Technical assistance and custom integration services for impactful sales outreach campaigns, CRM automation, and more.

Professional services Group3

On-site training for sales and business teams for optimizing sales outreach, workflow automation, integrations, and more.

Learning and enablement

Learning and enablement

Learning and enablement Group1

Access comprehensive educational resources such as the Upscale Resources, Blog, and Sales Best Practices.

Learning and enablement Group2

Receive bi-weekly Tips and Tricks emails and best practices being implemented across the platform.

Learning and enablement Group3

Get support whenever you need it with access to our in-app chat, ticketing system, and 24X7 phone service for technical assistance.

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