Structure Outbound Outreach

With Email Automation Software

Drive relationships with high-intent prospects. Get in-depth insights into the revenue team productivity to track and improve the sales process.

Companies That Prioritize Growth Trust Upscale

Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale

Outbound Email Automation to Build Meaningful Conversations

Capture your prospects’ attention with a mixture of auto and manual emails in a sequence.

Increase Prospect Engagement

With Email Automation

Never miss an opportunity to connect with targeted prospects when it matters so that you can turn prospects into revenue.

  • Personalize conversations
  • Identify the best approach with A/B testing
  • Nurture prospects with relevant content
  • Follow-up with prospects to keep the interaction going

Connect With Your

Existing Mailbox Instantly

Accelerate your sales prospecting by following the best practices for email automation. Sync your mailbox instantly!

  • Create email alias to protect your domain health
  • Choose between multiple mailboxes
  • Import prospect data to hyper-personalize emails
  • Skip complex integrations and reach more prospect

Create Effective Automated

Outbound Sales Outreach

Optimize your sales team efforts with the right blend of trigger-based auto emails and hyper-personalized manual emails.

  • Stay proactive with email reply notifications
  • Identify prospects who engage with your emails
  • Automate trigger or event-based replies
  • Save more productive time to book more meetings

Improve Productivity Using

Email Automation Software

Track and improve performance with real-time actionable insights. Monitor email performance to take corrective measures.

  • Acquire easy-to-understand performance reports
  • Monitor & learn from every interaction
  • Turn high-performing emails to winning templates
  • Predict your sales pipeline and performance