Upscale helps sales teams
convert inbound leads, faster

Automate communication and engagement with inbound
leads based on need, lead score, prioritization and buyer signals.

Inbound Sales Automation
Sales Outreach for Inbound Leads

Immediate sales outreach for
inbound leads

Quickly connect with inbound leads when they ask for trial/demo or
when lead score hits a certain threshold based on static rules
and real-time engagement.

Ensure immediate sales outreach and follow-up on marketing qualified
inbound leads.

Better sales and marketing alignment

Automatically route qualified inbound leads to sales reps and place them into inbound sales workflows with multi-channel communication and engagement.

Increase sales productivity at each stage of sales cycle via automated personalized emails and follow-ups.

Sales and Marketing Alignment
Marketing Impact on Sales Pipeline

Measure marketing impact on sales performance and revenue

Measure marketing impact on sales pipeline and conversions.

Track performance and coach your team to drive top-line performance.

Get an overview of email performance, prospect insights and improve
messaging and execution from getting detailed activity based insights.

Inbound sales workflows help reps execute their best inbound playbooks
by creating a measurable series of touch points that drive deeper
engagement with prospects.


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