Software Engineer

Engineering - Remote, India

A little bit about us

At Upscale, we are building a technology brand in the B2B space. Our mission is to empower B2B companies to accelerate sales and maximize revenue. We believe that B2B Sales is fundamentally about people interacting with each other and sales engagement software is there to help you become the best at that. We are building the next level of intelligent platform to make sales reps insanely productive at what they do best, sell.

In this existing journey of constant learning and getting the best out of talented leaders, we are looking forward to grow our team.

Tech Interview Evaluation Criteria:

You should have sound knowledge of Data Structure and algorithms ( linked list, stack, queue, doubly linked list, tree, BST, Graph, BFS, DFS, sorting algorithms, dynamic programming.)
You should have sound knowledge of coding at-least in one programming language, large-scalesystem design, scalable system design, cost of the solution, maintenance of system, Databases (SQL and NO-SQL), where and why to use NO-SQL databases.
You should have at leastone year of experience in at-least any 4 of the following technologies (JAVA, AWS services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, React JS, Javascript, CSS, HTML.)

What we’re looking for:

You have 1+ years of experience building reliable, scalable, and high-quality systems
You have a BS/MS in computer science, information systems, or equivalent
You have experience building well-designed software with Java/React/Java-Script and frameworks like Spring
You have experience implementing microservice architecture patterns, sidecar, API Gateways, and distributed tracing –AWS
You have experience with relational databases like Postgres or MySQL and NoSQL databases like Cassandra/YugaByte, DynamoDB, Redis -schema design, optimization, query analysis, sharding, and handling very large datasets
Knowledge of performance tuning, optimization, and garbage collection
You have exposure to queueing, distributed streaming (e.g. Kafka, Pulsar) and/or serverless frameworks
You understand cloud-nativeprinciples and software development using the services available on AWS
You have experience writing tests, using CI/CD pipelines, and Docker containers