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5 Cold Call Openers to learn – First 5 seconds

⚠️  A list of cold call openers to secure the first 5 seconds of the call:

I know you were not expecting my call. But do you have a moment? I promise to keep it brief.

You’re not expecting my call. But can I have 22 seconds to tell you why I called? You can then decide if we should continue or not. 

I’m catching you off guard. However, do you have a moment?

🔸I’m calling from ___ regarding ___. I did some research but wanted to confirm you’re the appropriate person to speak with regarding ___?

🔸Am I troubling you too much with an unexpected call? I’ll be brief.

🔸This is ___ from ___. The purpose of my call is ___.

🔸I know I’m an interruption. Can I have 22 seconds to tell you why I called?

None of these are foolproof. Any one of them can fail, but all of them will work.

You can’t control the mood or personal situation of the person you’re cold calling.

But you can control your tone and attitude.

1️⃣ Smile.

2️⃣ Use your hands.

3️⃣ Talk sitting up or standing to elevate your voice.

4️⃣ Use a mirror if you need help controlling your non-verbal cues.

5️⃣ And most importantly, follow the likes of:

Jason Bay

Ethan Parker

Becc Holland

Nick Cegelski

Armand Farrokh

Tito🚀 Bohrt – Sales Mad Scientist

They specifically cover cold calling tactics and openers.

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