Getting Started with the Actual SDR Job Hunt

Now you’ve enough theory to get started the job hunting! An SDR role is popular since it helps in the following ways: 

  1. Optimizes prospecting efforts, allowing senior sales professionals to interact with qualified prospects 
  2. Helps in recruiting and training existing team members for more senior positions and responsibilities

You will find several open opportunities for SDRs but should you apply to all of them? No, unless you want to waste your time. Try the following approach instead: 

  • Create an organic list of your top 20 dream companies. If they have a fast-paced growth, they will have new SDR opportunities. 
  • Go through Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to identify relevant opportunities. 
  • Understand the company culture beforehand through the website, and Glassdoor reviews. 
  • Look for patterns in Glassdoor reviews. Eliminate irrelevant feedback and capture relevant reviews like the work environment, level of pressure, performance cycle, etc. 
  • Job hunting is similar to prospecting for a sales deal. You need to build a pipeline of opportunities. The more successful you are, the more likely you are to track complicated job opportunities. 

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably ready to start applying for sales jobs. It may not be quick, it won’t be easy, and you may find a bumpy road. But the outcome will be your desired SDR job. 

Network All the Time

Networking is essential if you don’t want your resume to remain in the pile of all the applicants. Leverage the network to get referrals, recommendations, and introductions. It’s best if you can 

  • Introduce yourself to RevGenius and let them know you are there to learn more and looking for opportunities as an SDR. 
  • Follow hiring companies on LinkedIn, and engage their SDRs. Ask if they can give you advice or insights on how to convert the job opportunity. 

MUST Remember Points

  • Understand and prepare for the SDR interview process. 
  • Reach out to recruiters in your neighborhood. 
  • Reach out to tech-specialized recruiters. 
  • Engage HR professionals who help with resume building and interview preparation. 
  • The cost of professional recruitment services will get insignificant when you kickstart your sales career.

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