LinkedIn Profile Building

Sales professionals invest their efforts in building brands. You’re skilled and trained at being good at it. But do you apply those skills to personal branding? You know that you could be doing more to build your profile on LinkedIn but do you do anything about it?

No? You’re not alone.

Most sales professionals don’t get around it because they’re either busy or skeptical about how it would look. It can seem selfish or egoistic to invest in marketing yourself. However, you might miss out on big opportunities from a sales perspective. Employees who share content can create a huge impact. Employee advocacy is an effective brand-building opportunity.

Your LinkedIn profile page is the foundation of personal branding that will drive opportunities not only in terms of jobs but even when interacting with sales leads. It gives you new ways to signal your skills and motivation to your audience. It is a channel to stay on top of the mind of your prospects. Your content might help them and start a relationship that can bring long-term positive outcomes consistently.

But how can you build your LinkedIn profile?

Here’s a helpful guide on LinkedIn Profile Building.

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