Sales Sequences

Sales sequence has become an essential part of successful prospecting. With evolving buyer sentiments and behavior, you need a consistent approach to sales outreach. Receiving tons of emails, calls, and marketing messages is normal these days. That is why prospects rarely respond to a sales representative’s first outreach attempt. Unfortunately, this means multiple follow-ups.

For an introduction to sales sequences, read — Sales Sequence: Touchpoints That Ensure Regular Interactions.

If you also wonder, “how long should you follow up? When should you stop?” Or, in more sales terms, “how many touchpoints are ideal in a sales sequence?” Here are two of our top-read articles:

  1. The Agoge Sequence – Your Guide to Increase Response Rate
  2. Importance Of Agoge Playbook & When You Should Use It

And lastly, a Reddit thread that will continue refining your sales sequences.

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