Social Networking

Social selling is using social media channels to connect with prospects, develop a connection with them, and engage with potential leads. The tactic can help businesses reach their sales targets. It is like social networking, a modern relarionzhip-building. It is an approach to actively connect with potential prospects on their preferred social media channel to become the first company they consider while deciding to purchase. There is a potential of replacing it with even cold calling if you do social selling meaningfully.

But what social selling is not

Social selling is certainly not bombarding prospects with unsolicited Tweets or DMs. Isn’t that spamming?

Social selling is not just about adding new contacts to your list. It’s about meaningful conversations and placing your brand as a solution to their challenges. You work towards building trust and loyalty. It’s about turning prospects and customers into advocates of your company and solution. Their testimonials attract more people to join the tribe of trusted users.

Here’s a helpful guide on building your LinkedIn profile; it includes messaging scripts as well!


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