Why this Guide

The Ultimate SDR Guide is a part of Upscale’s initiative to promote and cultivate sales talent for the startup community. Our goal is to curate content and provide access to free resources. The idea is to help aspirants into sales or shift from regular sales to the high-velocity model typically used in tech sales.

The resource is ideal for:

  • Self-learning SDRs who want to improve, upskill, or revise. 
  • SDR Leaders are curating resources for their teams. It will save the hassle of reinventing the wheel and figuring out who to learn from and what to learn. 

Perfecting sales is an ongoing process, and this conjunction can complement the journey. It is a community-driven, free resource for all. You can use the tabs on the left to navigate your way around. 

You can also build your social network to connect with people who can help you grow. Join the communities and engage with like-minded individuals. There are recommendations for helpful courses too. Feel free to explore them. 

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