AI-powered sales automation
AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize sales performance and provide insights instantaneously, significantly reducing response times, research and lookup time.
OOO Email Reply Detection
Identifies out of office email replies and automatically pauses and resumes a workflow based on the return date in the email. Also extracts new contact referral information and suggests the next best action.
Email Phone Number Extraction
Extracts contact information from a sender's email signature and automatically sends reps an inbox notification to update or add the new number to the senders’ profile.
Email Intent Reporting
Automatically classifies email replies into granular reasons from a prospect’s positive or negative replies to provide better insights and next steps rather than simple vanity metrics.
Next Best Action
Machine learning algorithms dynamically select the most relevant next best action according to your industry, product and persona.
Personalized multi-channel sales outreach
Multi-channel sales outreach to engage with buyers with the right message at the right time, whether it is via email, phone, social media, web chat video etc.
Personalized Sales Workflows
Sales workflows built with multi-channel communication capabilities to help reps through their process while allowing for personalization based on customer needs.
Engagement Insights
Combination of insights including company news, local time and historical interactions with prospect/account to ensure personalization at scale.
Account Intelligence
Social feeds for the account and prospect, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, company twitter, and company information.
Intelligent sales workflows
Prioritize & automate communication and outreach via sales workflows to accelerate productivity and consistency to create more meaningful conversations.
AI-Powered Workflows
Intelligent sales workflow features like Out Of Office reply detection, email extraction, automated calendar invite etc. for sales process optimization.
Event-Based Triggers
Automatically trigger personalized workflows and task notifications to reach customers when they most expect it through rule-based triggers.
Automated Calendar Invite
Use AI to send automated calendar invites based on prospects' availability or as per a suggested time and date.
Actionable sales performance reporting
A culture of data-driven decision making through real-time sales & marketing activity and performance insight on prospects, campaigns, products, sales methods, sales reps, etc.
Performance Reporting
Track performance and coach your team to drive top-line performance. Increase your teams’ productivity and lower rep turnover.
Sales Workflow Analytics
Get an overview of email performance, prospect insights and improve messaging and execution from getting detailed activity-based insights across sales reps.
Measurable Touch points
Workflows help reps execute their best playbooks by creating a measurable series of touch points that drive deeper engagement with prospects and customers.
A/B testing & optimization
A/B testing for sales reps to optimize the channels used throughout the buyer’s journey, including emails and sales calls, to make sure the messaging is on point.
A/B Testing & Optimization
Test and change your messaging against each other and determine which workflow, emails or templates produce the most positive results.
AI-Powered Optimization
Use predictive optimization to automatically identify and match the right workflow to prospects by scanning every variation’s performance across all prospects.
Guided Email Template A/B Testing
Perform accurate A/B tests on email templates to determine the winning variant and improve sales content strategy.
Unified sales interface
Unify prospect and company insights from digital touch points and use it to monitor engagement and key buying signals at both the individual prospect and account levels.
Unified Interface
Integrate and source information from CRM, email, calls, social media etc. into a single interface.
Automated Activity Capture
Capture a steady pipeline of contact information based on your team’s prospect and customer engagements across standard business communication channels.
Account Intelligence
Social feeds for the account and prospect, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, company twitter, and company information.

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