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Upscale Sales Engagement Software Features

Upscale makes B2B sales teams close more deals, faster

AI-powered sales platform to accelerate B2B sales pipeline and revenue

AI Powered Sales Automation

AI-powered sales automation

Multi-channel Sales Outreach

Multi-channel sales outreach

Sales Performance Reporting

Sales performance reporting

AI Powered Sales Automation

Increase sales productivity with AI-powered sales automation

Upscale automatically creates contacts and logs every customer activity in the CRM so that sales teams have more time to focus on closing deals.

Identify Out Of Office email responses and automatically pause or resume sales outreach activities. Also, extract new contact referral information, with a guided selling approach.

Machine learning algorithms provide with a guided selling approach and next best actions based on industry, product and persona.

Perform accurate A/B tests on sales workflows and email templates to determine the winning variant and improve sales outreach.

Unified Sales Interface

Unified Sales Interface

Instead of multiple application and tabs, Upscale unifies sales engagement activities and reporting through a single screen.

A&B Testing Optimization

A/B Testing & Optimization

A/B testing to optimize the channels used throughout the buyer journey, be it emails, calls or other activities.

Intelligent Sales Workflows

Intelligent Sales Workflows

Upscale optimizes sales performance and assists with next action items, significantly reducing response time.

Integrations to power sales outreach

Leverage the power of tools and products in your sales outreach, including CRM, Email, sales intelligence and productivity tools, video, chat and more.

Sales Engagement Integration

Connect your tools with Upscale

Connect with CRM, email, sales intelligence and productivity tools, video, chat and more. Spend less time juggling tabs and more time focusing on building relationships.


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