Structure Outbound Outreach

With Cold Email Software

Drive relationships with high-intent prospects. Get in-depth insights into the revenue team productivity to track and improve the sales process.

Companies That Prioritize Growth Trust Upscale

Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale
Companies using Upscale

Book More Qualified Meetings with Targeted Cold Emails

Crush your outbound outreach targets with structured and personalized interactions.

Engage More Prospects

With A Cold Email Software

Segment prospects & increase the likelihood of a response by implementing your sales playbook effectively.

  • Automate cold email outreach
  • Personalize outbound outreach at scale
  • Use real-time insights for quick responses
  • Avoid being spammed with a targeted approach

A/B Test to Identify

Winning Email Templates

Use different variables to measure and identify the most effective email messages to turn them into winning templates.

  • Create more opportunities with high-performing email templates
  • Measure engagement and response rates
  • Create email alias to protect your domain health
  • Choose between multiple mailboxes

Increase Email Click-through Rate

By up to 300%

Personalize your cold email outreach with video messages. Add a human touch to your cold emails with engaging video plug-ins.

  • Make your emails stand out with video messages
  • Attract more responses with Vidyard integration
  • Build trusted and long-lasting relationships
  • Add a face and voice to remote sales with video prospecting

Enhance Team Productivity

With Cold Email Software

Track and improve performance with real-time actionable insights. Monitor email performance to take corrective measures.

  • Stay proactive in modifying based on performance reports
  • Monitor & learn from prospect interactions
  • Reach more prospects with winning templates
  • Eliminate the guesswork from the sales pipeline and performance