Sales Progression

SDR Career Path – Programs & Stories

A brief You’ve hired a very motivated, promising SDR to help accelerate revenue generation and evolve a full-cycle software sales strategy. What’s next?

Do you have a plan?

How do you partner with SDRs to get their help?

How do you set expectations?

What are those expectations?

What process/metrics do we administer?

What: A fireside chat with seasoned SDR Leaders about their successes in their SDR career pathing programs and the stories that have come out of those programs.

Who is this for?: Revenue leaders looking to optimize their SDR career pathing program and/or revenue leaders looking to help their SDRs grow in their career.


Goal: Walk away with adding components to your SDR career pathing programs and/or helping SDRs grow in their career.

Find everything about it here.

SDR to AE – A Career Leap 

Gabrielle Blackwell CHI’s template can help in understanding this better. Find it here

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